The Bat is an animal in and the fourteenth animal stage a player can achieve.

Food Chain Status


Skill name





You have a full vision in the dark.

Strategies & Tips

As a Bat

  • Say hello to one of the riskiest animals to play as. Because its food is only located in enclosed areas such as towers and underground, there is a high element of skill in order to level a Bat safely as other animals may ambush the bat, corner it, and devour it effortlessly.
  • However, the bat possesses an incredible skill - the ability to travel underground without suffering from visibility loss. The bat can use this to its advantage and navigate the underground without a problem, avoiding foes that would try and have a bite of it otherwise as they will be blinded by the depths.
  • Navigating the underground is, however, a double-edged sword, especially if the bat is close from evolution.
    • If you're planning on staying underground for the whole duration of the evolution, make sure to figure out a close exit for when you evolve, as when you evolve into a Seagull, you lose your power to see underground, which can severely hamper your mobility and leave you liable to surprise attacks.
    • You are not the only creature that can see underground - the Ghostly Reaper can as well, making it a formidable foe when underground.
  • Be especially careful if you navigate through the narrow underground tunnels - predators may see you and quickly rush to the tunnel's exit to devour you, taking advantage of your restricted movement.

Against a Bat

  • The bat cannot eat any player-controlled animals. No offensive measures are to be taken against it.
  • As a predator, however, the Bat is generally one of the easiest creatures to ambush due to its food being located in awkward, enclosed areas. Avoid venturing underground, though - the bat has an advantage over you in this situation.
  • Also, chasing a bat into an enclosed area might be risky as a bigger predator that can eat you can come and try to eat you.