The Hawk is an animal in and the twenty-fourth animal stage a player can achieve. It was previously known as the Brown Falcon before the 13/04/2018 update.

Food Chain Status


Skill name

Speed up




You increase your speed rapidly.

Cooldown time

8 seconds

Strategies & Tips

As a Hawk

  • Essentially a souped-up Eagle. The added ability to eat Turkeys, Pelicans and Seagulls is neat, you don't have to worry about Mad Bats anymore, and being able to eat Pigs allow for the Hawk to have more XP sources.
  • Ambushing Pelicans when they're underwater used to be an acceptable strategy, but now they gained a much increased underwater time, it's no longer viable anymore - the same applies to the newly-introduced Seagull.
  • Otherwise, what applied to the Eagle still applies to the Hawk - you just have more food sources.

Against a Hawk

  • You are especially at risk if you are a Stork or a Bat, as your areas of preference will also be usually where the Hawk will try and seek its prey, so stay alert to one's presence! As a bat, you can take advantage of your underground visibility to escape the Hawk more easily.
  • As a Pelican, pay mind to any approaching Hawks which might sit on top of you while you're underwater and deal tremendous amounts of damage. However, this only applies if you are in shallow water - if you are being attacked in the ocean it’s nearly impossible to die due to your higher oxygen reserves.