The Owl is an animal in and the nineteenth animal stage a player can achieve.

Food Chain Status


Skill name

Exellent hunter




You deal critical damage to players in a 10% chance and non-playable food with a 50% chance. You also have a better vision in the dark.

Strategies & Tips

As an Owl

  • The Owl used to have zero predators, but the June 6 2018 update fixed this apparent hiccup and introduced 5 predators, making the Owl not as safe as it used to be.
  • The Owl cannot see well underground, which might not make mice very safe to eat. Frogs don't yield a lot of XP either, and usually storks will be madly targeting them anyways. It's advisable to acquire a much more aggressive playstyle, especially in crowded servers where pigeons tend to be everywhere.

Against an Owl

  • It's one of the animals that favors a more aggressive playstyle. Flee the scene if you see one coming your way! Pigeons are the most threatened given they tend to be the more common animal in crowded servers, and they bring a fair amount of XP to the table.